Your security is the highest priority

Your Credit Card and Personal Information Are Safe with Us

The credit card information that you give to our Hotel during booking are secured by strong SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) and Encryption Technology. Your information is secured within the frame of security standards that browsers guarantee. SSL encrypts your private information in internet. Thus, shopping via internet is as safe as shopping via telephone or in a store.

Ensuring Your Security is Our Top Priority!

If you notice a spending in your credit card that you don’t remember and if you are sure that the source of this spending is a web page on the internet, please e-mail us urgently. Please find the relevant form in the customer relations and fill it. Our expert staff shall find the source of your spending via web page after they receive the detailed form. Furthermore, please do not forget to call the bank and notify that you object to the invoice. Our hotel shall do its best and stay with you in order to correct the problem as soon as possible by working with your bank in such a case although the probability of actualization such an event is very low.

Customer information can only be disclosed to public authorities, if such information is requested by public authorities and mandatory provisions of the applicable legislation require their disclosure to public authorities.


The refund amount will be based on our detailed investigation results by us and the claimer will be notified by mail/written format in the next following 14 days.